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LOVO/POST is our in house postproduction division.

Our facilities include 3 editing rooms (offline / online), 1 sound studio and 1 shooting studio, allowing us to postproduce your projects in one single place. More effective and cost efficient, it allows us also for more flexibility and creativity.

Next to the postproduction jobs for LOVO Films, we work for advertising agencies and clients adapting or creating taylor made projects.

Offline and online editing, SFX, grading, motion design, 2D & 3D animation, … our image specialists adapt international commercials for other markets, create tag ons or commercials from scratch. We also use our facilities to shoot small but efficient productions like tag-ons, new packshots and more.

Our sound studio creates top notch sound-design, finds or creates the perfect music and is used to voice works for multi-languages projects. Oh, and we also produce radio commercials at the same time should you need one.

Contact: Hervé Closset


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